Real Estate – Immovable Property


Real Estate - Immovable Property We are well experienced and thorough in any real estate investment case and we offer advice and support based on many parameters crucial in the decision making process. We have the ability to provide valuable advice and support on any commercial or residential real estate investment case [...]

Litigation and Arbitration


Litigation and Arbitration We represent your cause fiercely and dedicated and at the same time we are sensitive and considerate with what is best for our clients. We provide legal assistance and representation in a wide range of cases including negotiating and structuring a worry free business agreement, resolving real estate [...]

Wills and Succession Law


Wills and Succession Law - Probates- Administrations Our knowledge on the up-to-date legal requirements regarding inheritance matters can provide a basis for your family estate needs and expectations. Through a personalised and considerate approach we provide advice and support for the preparation of a Will, the execution of an estate, for [...]

Banking and Finance


Banking and Finance We provide advice and services on matters related with the banking and financial sector including managing complex financial transactions, loan agreements, debt settlement and other negotiations, due diligence, financial planning for individuals and companies and more. In confidentiality we offer dedicated  advice and support in tailor-made manner based [...]

Tax Law


Tax Law In a financial world of frequent changes and developments it is crucial for everyone to manage tax issues wisely. In a strategic approach we attend to the important matters of tax planning and management and we provide solutions and options for every case. Other [...]

Family Law


Family Law Part of our mission is to manage all domestic issues, from divorces to child custody, discreetly in the best possible manner. We manage with competence and care family law matters involving property division, visitation disputes and other critical matters that can affect our clients’ parental and financial rights. [...]

Landlord and Tenant Law


Landlord and Tenant Law The legal relationship between the landlord and the tenant is governed by a particular legal framework under which we provide advice and support appropriate to the requirements of each case. We attend to all matters regarding this area including drafting the appropriate content rental agreements, providing advice [...]

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